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Spring Equinox and A Good Dog

Hello friends

and...Hello Spring !

Sun was right on the equator on 23 Sep, known as vernal equinox, day and night time equally shared in the day. Now the day is getting longer and we can't hide our excitement my friends!

In my country, this day is a public holiday. So clever! It is described as a day to honour and respect the nature, and to be kind to all livings. Culturally we pay visit to the departed souls and bring offerings like food, water and flowers to pay respect. As the sun rises and sets directly from East to West, apart from Autumn equinox, it is believed the distance to the world of ancestors to be closer than any other time of the year, according to Buddhist tradition as they believe enlightened ancestors to live in the West. Yes, it's the West my friends!

But, regardless of the public holiday or positioning of the sun, let's be grateful of our ancestors, nature and all livings all times.

Cheers to you, from your health & wellness cheerleader!


Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

I have been experimenting with strength training with a PT recently. I’ve never been a gym/weights person, so I’ve entered a whole new world with isolated repetitive movements and feeling the burns! I am appreciating the YANG side of life.

Although Yoga can absolute be a form of workout/exercise, I don’t consider Yoga to be one, for myself, but having said that, my strength and fitness have been built upon my regular Yoga postures and breathing practices. I am essentially training with my body weight regulating my breath even in challenging postures which requires more oxygen. I am no athlete but I have a functioning body which carries me around with ease and comfort, which I am very grateful for.

My honest feedback on weight training is that it makes Yoga practice so much harder, particularly few days after the workout. I am tight and sore, feel heavy and unmotivated. To sustain a posture is more challenging with weaker muscles and connective tissues healing from the microscopic injuries due to the workout. This is an unusual perspective of a yogi. I enjoy it but I am not sure if I love it, just yet. :)

But for the gym-goers or any movers with high impact, I truly think that Yoga is a must, especially if you are feeling that soreness. It does open the body and get the blood flowing so healing takes place without the stress. Plus you are still exercising your body with your own weight and getting the mobility you need for your next session.

Today, I am introducing you to one of my go to Yoga posture -> Downward Facing Dog

Whether it's straight after your workout, after a day in the office, or first thing in the morning, this little baby will do you SO good!

See the image with key instructions you often hear from me.

Copy this image on your phone and remind yourself when you do downward facing dog!

You know how good it feels but here are the benefits of downward facing dog;

  • lengthens the spine

  • strengthens the back muscles

  • strengthens the muscles of the chest increasing lung capacity

  • clears stiffness in your shoulders

  • strengthens the wrists

  • helps to create arches in your feet and strengthen your ankles

  • lengthens the hamstrings and calves

  • brings blood flow to the brain

  • decompresses the neck

  • it rejuvenates the body/mind and makes you feel energized

Let me know how you go. Happy practicing!


Upcoming Event

Pre-Summer Yin Yoga Workshop

Last Spring Yin Yoga Workshop was a great turn out and feedback. We are scheduling in one more before the year ends, in early November. Great opportunity to have a space for a breather as the year comes to an end and gets crazy busy.

I will announce the dates in October newsletter and update on my social media account FB/IG@erikowyoga

Please follow me if you haven't already to get the latest news!



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