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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I haven’t done an online class with you before, how do I book and pay?


A. Check details on


Go to if you want to purchase a 10 pack or weekly pass


If Casual, Go straight to


Choose “New Client” Yoga Synergy or Yin and Casual.


You will then be prompted to set time zone.


Calendar will appear and you choose the date and time.


Add your name and e-mail address, continue to fill in the New Student Sign-up Form.


PayPal payment will appear. (You do not need a PayPal account. Read more here.)


You will receive a confirmation e-mail. (Keep this e-mail as the URL and ID will be listed for the class)


Additionally, there is a “Book now” button on Facebook and Instagram. Once you hit the button, you will be taken to the link above.


For more information, go to


Q. I’ve purchased the weekly pass and like to continue, how do I pay?


A. Weekly pass is valid for 7 days after the day of purchase (NOTE: Not the day of booking)

Please go to to purchase once the weekly pass expires. You will receive a unique CODE at the time of purchase. Use the unique CODE when booking a class.


When you purchase the pack or pass, it will not automatically be added to any class. You will still need to book into the classes for the week. Please be reminded there is an expiry to pack and pass so use it in time! 😊


Q. I purchased weekly pass and 10 class pass, how do I book?


A. Go to to book.

Type CODE in “Redeem Coupon or Package” box and choose a class type – YS or YIN.

(Remember you are all now “Returning Client” as you’ve sign up already)

Go through the process and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Keep the conformation e-mail handy for the Zoom ID and link for the class.



Q. Do I need to book for a class each time?


A. Yes. You will need to book a class each time to receive the confirmation e-mail. Remember to keep your active unique CODE handy when booking here.

If you have done one class online with me, you will choose “Returning client” to avoid filling out the sign up form.


Q. I want to reschedule my class. How can I do this?


A.  You can reschedule and cancel upcoming appointments by clicking on the Change/Cancel Appointment button in their confirmation email. When you click the Change/Cancel Appointment button, you are brought to your appointment confirmation page, where you are given options to cancel or reschedule.

Please note the system does not allow a schedule change from YS to YIN or YIN to YS. If you need to make changes to your schedule, please e-mail me at


Q. How do I join the class on Zoom?


A. Please download the Zoom (free) from here.

Please bring the confirmation e-mail up and there you will find the ID and link for the class.


You can read and watch the Zoom tutorial here.


Q. I have joined the class on Zoom, and nothing is happening. What do I do?


A. If you join before me, you will be in a waiting area (on the screen). Once I arrive, I will let you all in. This is a security setting Zoom has put in place from 5th April so nobody else in the group randomly joins.


Please be on time so I can let you in before the class begins. For some reason you are late for a class, please wait until I have a moment to let you in.


Please ensure your Zoom name represents you so I can let you in to the classroom without checking at the waiting room.

Q. I got kicked out of the classroom! How can I join back in?


A. Your internet, charge of the devise or simply technology is having one of those days and you could get kicked out of the classroom, try entering the same Zoom ID and come back in. You may wait but I will keep an eye out to let you in during the class.


Also consider your mobile phone for a  hot spot as a back-up if your home internet is not working.


Q. How would I place my mat and screen during an online class?


A. It seems to work better with short edge of the mat facing towards the screen but

everyone will have their best set up. Just make sure you place the screen where you can see it. Although it is beneficial for me to see you, don’t worry too much about it and please take care of your own neck and eyes first.


You could consider putting the screen on a chair or table so it’s not too low. Make sure you secure the screen, so it doesn’t fall off from a height!



Q. Can I turn off my camera? How do I do that?


A. Yes. You can turn off the camera during the practice, as long as you can see me and be safe.


Look at the left bottom corner of the screen and you will see a microphone and a video icon.

Please click on the video icon to hide your own camera.




Q. I want to ask questions, how do I do that?


A. When you enter the class, your microphone is on mute. To speak to me (and the class), please unclick mute button.

However, to keep the practice flowing, let’s keep the microphone off during the practice.

Please ask any questions before or after the class. I will enter the classroom 15 minute before and leave 15 minutes after scheduled time so we will have plenty of time to interact.

Alternatively, you could use a chat option to send me or everyone a message. You will find the text message icon under the screen.


Feel free to turn the microphone back on after the practice as I would love to say goodbye as you leave the classroom!





Q. Can I turn on my camera?


A. Yes. If my screen does not freeze due to the bandwidth, we can keep the camera on. This may change due to internet connection on both sides, as well as the number of participants. I will indicate when to turn off the video if there are any issues.


Q. There are too many participants and I cannot see Eriko very well.


A. If this happens, please go to my screen icon, find “…”  to drop down the option. Click “PIN”. You can find more details here.



Q. I didn’t receive your invite 15 minutes prior to class?


A.  You won’t receive an e-mail 15 minutes before the class anymore. Please find your confirmation e-mail and you will find the Zoom ID and link there! Please also check your junk e-mail if you cannot find the e-mail.



 Q. I am having difficulty logging in. Help!


A. Please pin me via private Facebook group or e-mail me on and I will keep an eye out 15 minutes prior to the class.


Please don’t call or text because my phone is my webcam and it will be set for the class so I won’t see it and I may miss your SOS.




Q. Do I need props for Yin Yoga?


A. It will be helpful to have some props for Yin but not necessary. You could have a blanket or towel, block or books, bolster or cushions/pillows ready by your side for the practice. If you don’t have these, no problem. You can still practice Yin.


It is ideal though to have a quiet space, no interruption.

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