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Eriko Watanabe 
Yoga Practitioner   
Yoga I Breath work I Meditation Teacher
Holistic Health Coach 

" I teach Yoga because I believe in the simple practice of Yoga, to bring more joy and improve the quality of life.”

“I became a Health Coach, because I am a believer in the innate ability of humans to heal oneself, particularly when we pay attention and listen to ourselves. I will listen to you, with you. “

​ Eriko grew up in Japan and US, moved to Australia, and she considers herself as a fusion of east and west and appreciates the best of both world with her blended perspective. Her upbringing has given Eriko the ability to relate to others. She is an ex-corporate turned to a Yoga teacher and a Health Coach, bringing in the understanding of office work-related stress and pressures of the modern lifestyle.

Eriko’s Yoga classes are dynamic and precise, with eastern flavour. Her teaching caters to a variety of practice modes, ranging from the more active held hatha and dynamic flow styles, to the slower, more restorative flavoured yin styles with focus coming to awareness and meditation. Eriko specializes in neck and lower back pain management, increase focus/mindfulness, and anxiety/stress management. Eriko teaches Yoga in groups (live and online) as well as in private setting for specific needs.

​With her caring, grounded nature, and her precise alignment guidance, you will feel safe and supported to explore your edge both physically and mentally. Eriko is known for her knowledge of anatomy and physiology and her safe and intuitive adjustments are one of a kind.

Eriko has practiced Yoga since 2007. She has trained with many amazing teachers, particularly Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss, founders of Yoga Synergy who are both physiotherapists and incredible Yogis, who have provided the space for her to start teaching. She holds a 500-hour certification with Yoga Synergy and a 100-hour Yin Yoga Certification with Mel McLaughlin at the Yin space, a 60-hour Yin Yoga Certification with Jo Phee at the Yinspiration and continues her practice with Eileen Hall at Ashtanga Yoga Moves and Clive Sheridan who she learns pranayama and Advaita Vedanta philosophy from. In addition, she deepens her spiritual practice by re-emerging to whole self and waking up to the potential with Chrissy Ramsay, who is a spiritual guide with a qualification in psychology.


​Eriko began the journey of a Health Coach in 2019. It was a natural progression to provide more individual support to her Yoga students in all areas of their life. Eriko completed her studies with Institute of Integrated Nutrition in November 2020. She provides group and private programmes in person and online. 

Eriko is always keen to learn, forever a student. 

She is passionate about bringing more movement, stillness, balance, and harmony into people’s lives.  By using her experience and learnings, Yoga, and spiritual teachings, as an anchor and a tool to enjoy life with more ease and simplicity.

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